Though he’s a marked manchild, Robert Pattinson has managed to steer clear of the skank brigade so far. Lindsay Lohan has yet to set her extensions all over him… but there’s time. And he lives in LA. And last night he went out in LA. He went somewhere the paps camp out. After over a week out of the spotlight, perhaps he was missing them. Maybe he does belong in LA after all?

Check out Rob after dinner at celebrity favourite Il Sole last night, although it really could have been any other outing on any other night. He really does own like 2 pairs of pants and a jacket.

Right now, Pattinson is the star of the moment, attached to every casting rumour in Hollywood, from playing the Joker (please!) to Johnny Depp’s brother in a new Pirates movie (as if!). Both would be terrible, terrible moves. Hello Orlando Bloom?? Exactly.

They say Rob’s an artist and not a famewhore so if that’s the case, chances are you’ll see him in smaller movies before the blockbusters aside, of course, from the Twilight cheeses.

Rob shoots an independent feature in January in LA before beginning work on New Moon in March. As reported earlier this week, Chris Weitz is already in Vancouver for preproduction.

Am also told that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is pushing for Rob to present at the Golden Globes. Can you imagine? Brangelunatics and Twilight superfreaks trying to outscream each other along the carpet?

Complete chaos. And it’ll make LipGloss SO jealous!

Let it happen!

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