Chloe Moretz was born in 1997.


I had, like, a real JOB in 1997!

Anyway, Chloe is 14. She showed up at the Saturn Awards this weekend in Burbank, CA and posed with a LOT of Try for someone her age. If you’re a dude, and this is what’s out there, how can you be sure that’s legal?

Also 14 and also posing, maybe with a little less Try, but Try-full all the same since this is a major fashion campaign for Miu Miu and you can’t tell me that “natural” things happen on a photo shoot, please, is Hailee Steinfeld in her first ad for the brand.

Are we talking about actors here? Or gymnasts???

Chloe has almost a dozen new projects in development. She’ll be working until she’s 18, easy. Hilariously WAY more than Jessicas Biel, Alba, and on. Hailee too is back to back to back. Her next feature, as reported a few weeks ago, is Romeo & Juliet. And the initial script called for sex and nudity. There was a minor tut-tut about that so now they’ve announced that they’re scaling back on the nakedness and adjusting the script to accommodate her age.

Who’s Romeo?

This guy. Douglas Booth. As seen at a Wimbledon event the other day.

Photos from and Suntzulynn for LE/ and Ian Gavan/