Nine months ago I wrote an article about how all the Hollywood boys were styling themselves the same way. Click here for a refresher.

2010 appears to be all about short and clean where the Hair Club for Boys is concerned. Perhaps they’re all trying to distance themselves from Justin Bieber. The alternative to Bieber’s fever then is to keep it tidy. I like it.

So here’s Ed Westwick at the CFDAs last night not unlike Hayden Christensen who was also there, and Zac Efron at the Movie Awards who’s working it like Robert Pattinson but not as well as Xavier Dolan in Cannes. Next up? Probably Chace Crawford. His mug shot from his pot arrest last week was embarrassing unkempt. Nothing like a hair cut to shake off the scandal. Jacek is actually wearing his hair like the Hair Club for Boys right now too after more than a year of Bradley Cooper-ing but since he was too lazy to style it, it ended up being John Mayer old school. SO MUCH BETTER now. I’m getting mine cut tonight. At least 3 inches.

Photos from and Demis Maryannakis/