Hayden Christensen was in LA this weekend with girlfriend Rachel Bilson – seen here running errands. Hayden hasn’t worked in a while. And since he’s also trying to break out of the box of teen pop appeal, like so many of his pretty boy peers, Hayden is hiding his pretty by working out the hirsute. The bad news is, it doesn’t mean he’ll be the next Christian Bale. The good news? Hayden has more whiskers than Three Whiskers Orly Bloom. And he just might be skinnier. I could never with a boyman whose legs were skinnier than mine. It’s a good thing he’s with the diminutive Rachel.

As for that always lingering gay question, to the chagrin of his crazy ass superfans (comparable to the McGoslings but not quite as insane as the Brangelunatics)…trust. Hayden is not a homo. He’s just really really pretty.

Like Chace Crawford, Gossip Boy, who left the city briefly this weekend and headed for the Hamptons to host Opening Day of The Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge. With his flat ironed hair gently tousled and those sweet baby blues and even a day old stubble, Chace will never be able to hide his pretty, even if he’s hiding something else.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Splashnewsonline.com