This is Halle Berry in Nina Ricci. The way she styled it was for ass. It’s really not the night for a revival of Madonna’s Blonde Ambition. And with those shoes… awful, I know it’s awful.

But, but, but, but…

She is SO f-cking beautiful.

I mean the whole night…

Drool, right?

I can’t hate it. Like, I didn’t mind looking. At the face, at the legs, at the arms, at the fact that this woman is simply immune. To the things that happen when time happens. Halle Berry can wear something horrifying…and somehow it’s not that horrifying. Which, for real, is an advantage she has over the Jolie.

The Jolie, as exquisite as her face may be, when she’s in a horrifying outfit, it’s almost more horrifying because she’s wearing it. Halle seems to be able to skip right over that. How?

Photos from Jason Merritt/ROBYN BECK/Frazer Harrison /