Globes Euro Trash: Halle Berry

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 14, 2013 15:45:17 January 14, 2013 15:45:17

It’s now impossible to tell a Versace apart from a Cavalli. You know who this dress is for? This dress is for people who graduate in style from Ed Hardy. This dress is the natural progression. Why is Halle Berry dressing like she’s Christian Audigier’s wife? Check how it’s billowing on the right side of her chest, making it look like she’s swollen in one breast. Check the hip skin on one side, giving the illusion that she has a tattoo there, like she’s climbing out of a pool in Vegas. And it is such a shame, isn’t it? Because, God, from the shoulders up, the hair, her skin, her FACE, she is... spectacular.

Jason Merritt/ Alexandra Wyman/ FREDERIC J. BROWN/ Handout/ Getty

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