Last night at the NAACP Image Awards – a parade of gorgessity in attendance led, obviously, by Halle Berry. Seriously, not one bad angle. I have been looking across 5 photo agencies of pictures from last night. Couldn’t find a single image in which she looks mortal. It’s crazy how beautiful she is. She says she’s shaving her head for her next movie. That hair! That weave! A worthy addition to Herbal Essences Award Season Hair feature. Click here to see.

Also Taraji P Henson was honoured, hopefully on Oscar night too? Penelope is the leader but imagine… imagine the amazingness of a Taraji win? Even if it has to be for Button?

Jennifer Hudson, that wonderful new haircut – I love it.

And Rosario Dawson, soooo gorgeous but for that red carpet dressing problem, finally a winner last night in style and in spirit. The dress is lovely. Almost as lovely as Blair Underwood’s face. Yum.

So much to celebrate last night. Except for Diddy. He actually won something.



Diddy came to Toronto last summer for the MMVAs. A million conditions, a ridiculous amount of money. You already know about his eye f-ckery, the way he treats his people, and the way he flies. But he also committed to an intimate interview in front of a live audience of about 100 people. Two hours they waited. He was late, he sound checked, this and that, whatever, and after all it, all the jumping through hoops to cater to his every need, those poor people sitting there hoping to see him, he decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore and bails. No apology, nothing.

Has he changed in 6 months?


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