New photos have hit the web via Splash News – Halle with the slightest, teeniest, tiniest of bulges. And here we go again… Is she pregnant? She’s been saying she wants a baby and Gabriel Aubrey is, by all accounts, totally crazy about her, treats her like gold, clearly The Hotness… So is she? Is Halle Berry carrying genetic perfection (or NOT according to myCelebrity Baby Theory). Well… if you’re going by the bump and the bump alone, you might want to take a Nicole Kidman-sized pause there. As you know, Nic has been with child at least 8 or 9 times in the last year, and I in this case, Halle could be no different. Consider these other images, taken of Halle just 5 days ago on December 29th in an orange bikini and shorts. Call me Cruise but that looks pretty flat to me. From the front and from the side. And her breasts, though ample, aren’t any bigger than they’ve ever been before. Still…it’s WAY more fun to believe she’s pregnant. So shall we just say she is and get on with it? Let’s do. Halle is pregnant! Source and Source