is reporting that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have been loving each other all over Paris. They’d been working together on a movie, and were enjoying his hometown as a couple this weekend.

Click here to see the two of them kissing.

And according to the person who watched – and shot – it as it happened:

"It was the classic 'I'm going to kiss you here in a dark corner' move. And she was waiting to be kissed."

Apparently this photographer is also a failed romance novelist…the f-ck? Who talks like this?

So Halle’s on a French streak. She wouldn’t be the first. But Halle, before Gabriel Aubry, had a bad man streak too. And Olivier’s track record isn’t so great. He apparently f-cked up Mira Sorvino for a while – her mother had choice words about his commitment issues – and while Halle Berry can certainly change any man, for some men change is forever impossible.

What? Too pessimistic?

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