One of my favourites and almost perfect. Almost. Because for all the self discovery and the success and of course the outside package, Halle Berry has/had one huge flaw: she sucks at picking good men. And don’t we all know a girl like that? Wesley Snipes is rumoured to have boxed the sh-t out of her ear (he denies it), David Justice is an asshole, Eric Benet was a sex addict… can Halle Berry find true, healthy, lasting love? Perhaps it’s naïve but I think she has her best shot with Gabriel Aubry. Or maybe I’m just blinded by the absolute perfection of their pairing. And outwardly at least he’s completely devoted to her – his words last night in NYC: “I don"t think it"s about gifts. It"s more about presence. You have to be there. You can"t really spend Valentine"s Day apart. I can"t be in New York if she"s in L.A. It doesn"t work. So I try to be there most of the time and that"s more precious to me. I"m going (to LA) to be with my girl.” Ok so suspend your smutty cynicism for just one second and look at this man. A beautiful head that could have been full of air…and by all accounts it’s not. A face that can quite literally explode loins. Don’t even start on the body. Now imagine him saying that about you. MY GIRL. Is it deluded to think it might be for real? Sure. But don’t tell me you didn’t swoon just a little. I won’t believe you. Source