The September Issue. Arguably the most important issue. And Halle Berry on the cover. Or, as she would say, a “woman of colour” on the cover:

"What that means for a woman of color and what that means in the fashion world, what that means to pop culture, there was no way I could say, 'No, I'm not going to be on the biggest issue of the year.’”

Halle has nothing immediate to promote. She’s currently filming a thriller in Australia, she has an independent film awaiting distribution, and a fragrance launch next year, and a comedy she’s working on after she wraps her current project, and she’ll be on Broadway with Sam Jackson in 2011, but there’s nothing to pimp right now...

Which is why she was able to focus much of the article on the Jenesse Centre for women and children moving away from a life of abuse, an organisation with which she is deeply involved. There’s an interesting section in the piece about the shelter and her relationship to the clients, apparently as comfortable in sketchy neighbourhoods as she is in Malibu.

Well of course it’s an asskissy feature. It’s Vogue. And of course she totally sanitises her breakup with Gabriel Aubrey – there was no drama, there was no fighting – but she does seem to have a sense of humour about her career, about Catwoman, about sex, and about nudity.

“If the world wouldn't persecute me, I'd take nude pictures every day of the week.”

Who would persecute her? Oh the same people who think Emma Watson has a lesbian hairstyle. And they’ll probably persecute her for this comment too:

"Nature has got it all wrong: When you are younger, it should be harder to get pregnant, and as you get older it should be easier. When you are so ready, you can't do it to save your life. And when you are 21, you are so not ready, but you are ripe as could be. The eggs should become more developed the older you get, not die slowly from the day you're born. That's one thing God got wrong."

I don’t disagree. But then again, Nature wasn’t expecting the Stupid Generation. And reality tv.

Click here to see more photos and to read Halle’s interview with Vogue. She’s flawless, totally, but the pictures by Mario Testino, who is becoming increasingly more repetitive, are kinda boring.