Now this… this is a reminder we didn’t need. Like saying the sun rises in the east. Or that KFed Jr homewrecked his family with a farking mutt.

It’s basic, it’s incontrovertible. Truth never changes. Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey are otherworldly beautiful. Together, they are immortal.

Look at them and feel your own plainness.

They arrived hand in hand at the Calvin Klein 40th anniversary event last night in New York – Nahla has his eyes, non?

There were reports of an engagement last week after photos surfaced of Halle wearing a huge ring. She was actually seen wearing it a few months ago. Nothing new, which means it’s not a definitive sign they’re getting married. She has said she’s marriage-shy and by all accounts, he just wants to be with her, period, whatever she wants.

Ugh! Perfect!

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