Halle Berry and the most ridiculously good looking family EVER!!!

Am told that babies make the sadness go away. So perhaps a perfect baby will do the trick.

It’s Halle and Gabriel and little Nahla, the most beautiful child Nahla, in South Beach on holiday hanging out at the pool today.

Like, come ON.

Even me, with my hateful poisonous womb, even I’m looking at him holding his baby and not wanting to change the channel. For a minute. And then the bitter bitch kicks in and they’re smiling, and she’s happy, and she’s loving the water, and they’re playing, and it’s all so much gorgessity highly concentrated in one place, and none in my place, and it’s like they’re flicking water in my face, and this is just how it is.

They are not our equals.

Photos from T.H./Splashnewsonline.com