Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry went out last night. So perfect. Ugh.

Anyway, note the way they’re holding hands.

We talked about this backstage at a live show recently, Dylan and I. A live show is a lot of standing around. At eTalk they get us all dressed up and made up hours before so we can shoot next day links and then we end up waiting for hours until we go to air.

How do we kill time? Dylan I are experts at sh-t talking. Like making scientific discussions out of the most innocuous subjects.

Last time it was about hand holding. Dylan believes that man hands go on top because of dominance. I told him it was a height thing. The taller person naturally slides their hand ahead because it’s less awkward. Then Morley came and claimed he was a top hander and he’s closer to Dylan’s height so they demonstrated and even though he’s shorter than Dylan, Morley’s hand did indeed end up on top.

After that we talked about hand clasping vs finger linking.

Halle and Gabriel are finger linkers.

Dylan and I are both fans of hand clasping. Jacek and I hand clasp. You can see us hand clasping in the Maclean’s photo from last week – click here. Dylan went so far as to call finger linking lame. I wouldn’t say it’s lame. But hand clasping is definitely better.

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Photos from LOMELI/bauergriffinonline.com