Written by Duana

Now look, now. If anyone other than Halle Berry had paid tribute to Lena Horne, would it mean that we were less aware of the struggles she had had and the triumphs she had made over the then-totally-biased industry in Hollywood? If I started to talk about this, I might not stop, so let me temper what I’m trying to say. It would be really cool if Halle Berry were just an Oscar Winning Actress, instead of the one who they get Specifically For Certain Things (But Without Making A Big Thing Of It).

Then again, is that better or worse than being Hilary Swank? She’s like the obligatory valedictorian of the group, it seems. I mean, she’s won twice, so it’s not like anyone can contest her being there- but nobody seems to like her. Nobody delights in her presence. She doesn’t fill any particular slot other than “Hilary Swank, Two-time Oscar Winner”. Nobody thinks she’ll say something funny, or will wear anything other than a serviceable but unremarkable sheath that goes on her perfectly acceptable but unremarkable person.

There is zero unpredictability where Swank is concerned. She’s like the accountant in the group. She is never going to fly off the handle and she is never going to show up and suddenly gush that she’s in love with her choreographer. I don’t think a single person races up to her to find out how she’s been. Berry, on the other hand, is absolutely unpredictable of late (allegedly!) but is so firmly in her role as The First Leading Actress Oscar Winner Of Colour it pushes away all other aspects of your personality.

Is there a different version of the Best Actress Curse? One that removes your personality as anything other than a model contractually obligated to wear a metallic dress that won’t steal focus from the nominees?

Photos from Wenn.com and Ethan Miller/Frazer Harrison/ROBYN BECK/Kevork Djansezian /Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com