Check out Halle Berry at the premiere of Extant last night. The show premieres on July 9. Olivier Martinez joined her at the event. There were rumours recently that the two were done. So they’re not done. She does however have to pay Gabriel Aubrey $16,000 a month in child support and $115,000 retroactively AND $300,000 for his legal fees. So now you know why she has to take a job in television.

This job in television however seems to be a good choice so far. There was no pilot-let’s-see-what-happens situation as the show went straight to a full series order with Steven Spielberg as executive producer, which means guaranteed money for 13 episodes. And since it’s on a major network, CBS, that’s a bigger budget to work with too. Halle’s giving Gabriel about $200,000 a year. I hope she negotiated to make almost that for one episode. If you think that’s too much, consider Ashton Kutcher who was getting $750K an episode for Two And A Half Men. Exactly.

Now she just needs to hope Extant gets renewed.

Fun fact: Malia Obama apparently worked as a production assistant on the show.

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