Today at the Essence Magazine Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon – Halle Berry as usual looking immortal, even though the dress might be a little Kate Beckinsale for an afternoon event.

Love how Kate Beckinsale is now synonymous with Overdress. I am STILL offended by her Grammy gown.

Anyway, not sure how I feel about the business going on at the back of Halle there…

You like? Is it a squirrel?

Anyway, also at the event, also gorgeous – Supporting Actress nominee Taraji P Henson. In recent days, Oscar betting has surged in Taraji’s favour. Her category is by no means a lock. Perhaps Halle is giving her some good luck.

Am torn. Taraji was outstanding in Benjamin Button. But I liked Penelope’s performance more. Maybe because Vicky Cristina was soooo good. Thing is, Penelope will be back, maybe even as soon as next year. Taraji’s chances aren’t so good for a repeat visit.

How to choose?

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