Halle Berry did not work the carpet last night at the Frankie & Alice LA premiere with Olivier Martinez. This is now serious campaign season. And as previously reported, Halle has been hustling for one, hard, accelerating the release schedule for eligibility and enthusiastically working the circuit.

Maybe her people decided it’s better for her to go it alone, without a boyfriend. And if they need help from anyone, it would be Oprah before Olivier anyway.

Where is Oprah? Because Oprah is always for Halle. I don’t watch Oprah but I think I would have heard about it if Halle visited the Mighty to promote this film. Am thinking they’re waiting for the right time. It’s important to pace this sh-t properly. With the holidays and with the crush of so many new releases, Halle and the Opes could get buried in the crowd. Better to wait, put her on later, maybe even when OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network) officially debuts in January.

The trailer for Frankie & Alice is below. It was shot in Vancouver. Halle’s character suffers from multiple personality disorder. Stellan Skarsgard tries to help her. Almost every critic has jizzed over her performance.

Photos from David Livingston/Gettyimages.com