Halle Berry’s Extant premieres tomorrow on CBS. She was at Letterman yesterday to promote it. For a star like Halle Berry to commit to a television series, beyond the pay day she was looking for, you know there are some expectations. Steven Spielberg is involved. Extant went to full season immediately. But why summer? I’m confused about the timing.

Anyway, some reviews for Extant have been very strong. Others critics are hedging. They’re intrigued but not totally convinced yet, having had so many recent sci-fi hopes go to sh-t. Duana always tells me not to judge on a pilot. That you need at least two or three episodes. This was always my worry for people with Friday Night Lights. They watch the pilot and they start whinging, “But I don’t like football!”

It’s not about football!

Extant is supposed to have a sci-fi hook. But she has a robot son at home and gets pregnant by a ghost alien in space. And I wonder if they’re trying to tell us something else.

Will you watch?