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Halle Berry is 45. She celebrated her birthday on the beach with her daughter Nahla and friends in a bikini showing off a body that could throw down against any 25 year old anywhere holy f-cking crazy ass genes, non?????????????????????

You know, when it comes to Hollywood, most of the time you can console yourself by attributing some famous twat’s physical superiority to a financial and therefore surgical advantage. Where Halle is concerned though, well, that’s really not something you can hide behind. When it comes to Halle Berry, there is only one explanation: she’s just hotter than everyone else, always. As the UK Sun noted, in the 10 years since Bond, Halle’s Berry has remained virtually unchanged. Have a look at the photos and then revisit the scene from the movie. In 10 years when she’s 55, it won’t be much different.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com

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