There was some super scientific poll that released yesterday ranking the most eligible single women in the world.

Halle Berry came in second to Jennifer Aniston.

Um, really?

How is Halle Berry second to anyone?

Check her out last night in New York. In those pants. And the steezy little jacket, as fit as she’s ever been, and she’s always fit anyway, and glowing from so much Parisien sex with Olivier Martinez, a quick European drop in while over there on business promoting her fragrance last week – photos attached from Poland – clearly making the most of her current romantic status: enjoying unattached attachment? Is that an option on Facebook?

And this, this freak of hot nature, is second to someone? I don’t get it.

According to 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair though, the votes came in as follows:

1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Halle Berry
3. Elin Nordegren
4. Betty White
5. Lady Gaga

So... yeah... I wish I could be all tits and solidarity and idealist about men rejecting the young and dumb stereotype but with 3 divorcees and Betty White leading off the list, I’m thinking there were very few men who actually participated and probably most of the MiniVan readership of People Magazine. Because I don’t give a sh-t how enlightened your man is: when you put together the words ELIGIBLE and SINGLE, Betty White is not making the first 1000, never mind the top 5. It’s meaningless. Sorry...but it’s meaningless.

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