Halle Berry was honoured at the Acapulco Film Festival yesterday. It’s one of the few red carpets she’s been on since giving birth to son Maceo in October. Or is it the first red carpet she’s been on since giving birth to son Maceo? I think it might be.

Time to get back to work then. Because Halle’s coming to television. Series television! Network series television! Steven Spielberg is the executive producer. She plays an astronaut who spends a year in space and then has to readjust to life at home… with all the supernatural sh-t that happens around her. The show premieres on July 2, not too far away. It’s called Extant. I don’t like this name. It’s not a “right” sounding word, is it? It doesn’t come out easily. From the “EX” sound to the hard “T” is enough of a transition, made softer if, say, you have a lighter up-tone at the end, like “EX-TENT”. But the “ant” in extant goes low. It’s the word equivalent of a bummer. I hope they change it.