As I reported yesterday, Halle Berry spent her last day on set in Vancouver gifting crew members with Dom Perignon and Holt Renfrew.

Here are some more exclusive photos from that night – Halle in character on Hastings (very close to the worst part of town) shooting her final scenes. She plays a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder.

It is unseasonably cold in Vancouver right now. She was barefoot for hours, no complaints, no whining, no diva antics, repeating the shots over and over and over again. And it’s clear – everyone working on Frankie & Alice…they adore her. When they wrapped, she burst into tears. She hugged everyone. She thanked everyone. And you’d be hardpressed to find a single member of the crew who isn’t completely in love with her. Not because she’s so beautiful but because she’s so so SO nice. Am told she even went the extra mile and indeed, pulled her movie star weight, only once when a producer was injured recently and was taken to hospital. She also waited at the hospital with the man for over an hour, just to make sure he’d be ok.

It seems silly to highlight a celebrity for simply being a decent human being. But really, there are so few in Hollywood… you’ll forgive me for acknowledging the rare ones?

Photos from Punkd Images.