It was, by far, not the best dress of the night, and certainly not my flavour, but, and it’s crazy to say this about Halle Berry, by her standards, it’s a great improvement. Remember what she wore to the Golden Globes? Click here for a refresher.

In comparison to that, this Versace is OK. She’s not in a strapless for a change but she’s still showing off her chest and the rest of her body, only a lot less …inexpensive. Once again, this is Versace. Only this time she’s not in Versace that looks like Roberto Cavalli. Aging socialite…maybe? Aging socialite > skanky Euro escort? Any time.

Halle showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscar party alone without Olivier Martinez. Problem? Well, they were just seen together at LAX ten days ago. We’ll go with not a problem for now until the not wearing of the engagement ring becomes a problem.

Speaking of Halle, Duana and I have been looking at her face every day on a billboard that stares directly into our room at the hotel for the upcoming The Call opening on March 15. If she’d been nominated for anything this year, we’d call it her Norbit.