She’s been named by Esquire as the Sexiest Woman Alive. Word.

Not even the Jolie could argue with that.

With the help of writer Tom Chiarella, Halle Berry wrote her own article of acceptance for the honour – a candid and entertaining and a tad too “Oprah-y” piece about what turns her on and how she defines sexy.

I like the part about sloe gin and fizz before an “out of body” session in the bedroom. LOVE the tank top and pumps visual. Her description of her man’s car is adorable. But HATE the cheesy “I’m in control” self help spew…

We get it.

You’re self actualised.

But you’re also posing in your underwear. Get on with it already.

To see all the Esquire photos and read the article, click here.  Seriously, she’s unbelievable.