Halle and Canadian model boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey are expecting a baby!

"Gabriel and I are beyond excited and I"ve waited a long time for this moment in my life."

Indeed she has. After two failed marriages with two dickheads, Halle has found love at 41 with a total babe…who also happens to be the sweetest thing. The anti-mannequin, if you will. Word is, Gabriel is down to earth, he is super low key, he adores her, he is done with the party days, and he is … nice. A nice man. Halle finally fell for a nice man.

So now it’s Halle and Gabriel putting my Celebrity Baby Theory to the test. Clearly Halle and Gabriel fall into the Hot + Hot category. And Hot + Hot normally equals Ugly.

But will Halle be like Cindy Crawford? Will Halle’s be an exception?