It was announced recently that Halle Berry would be pushing through her film Frankie & Alice (shot in Vancouver) to making it eligible for awards season. The move was obvious – she wants a nomination and, while she’s still considered a longshot, it does sound like, at the very least, she has delivered a fine performance that many think is worthy of one.

Halle apparently received two standing ovations after two screenings in Hollywood last week, and has been gamely working industry and press with her team hustling around the clock to make sure her the screeners are available by Thanksgiving (source Deadline).

Last night was the New York premiere. She looked spectacular. As usual. Maybe even a little extra these day considering she’s still being lit up by Olivier Martinez who was with her and with whom she was cuddling later on at dinner.

So... are we inseparable now? Is that what we’re doing? I don’t know if I approve of this as a campaign strategy. And something tells me strategy has nothing to do with it. Halle is in a lust haze.

Photos from and and Ron Asadorian/