Halle ate a burger

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Way to go Life & Style.

There was an article I posted a while back about tabloid hierarchy. Click here if you’re new to the site and have not read it. Halle Berry’s faux pregnancy is a good recent example of why I call Life & Style a bottom feeding rag. Because they suck. Because if they report one story, you’d best believe the opposite.

Their most recent exclusive was based on BumpWatch which, as you know, I find excruciatingly boring and also completely unreliable. Based on a series of photos featuring Halle Berry in loose fitting garments, catching her after lunch, L&S declared that she was pregnant with her second, going so far as to confirm that the pregnancy was achieved via artificial insemination.

Halle chose not to issue an immediate denial. She even coyly walked around LA with bags covering her belly perhaps as a favour to Jay Leno.

Last night on his show she unveiled a bumpless svelte body…

No baby.

What is the obsession with celebrities getting pregnant??? And it’s not like there’s any discrimination either.

I received a TIFF BFF submission from Courtney a couple of weeks ago and she brought up a really good point – it’s like suddenly pregnancy is reportable no matter how insignificant the star.

This week it was Leelee Sobieski. Made the People.com front page.

When was the last time you cared about Leelee Sobieski???

Have you EVER cared about Leelee Sobieski?

Why do I care that Leelee Sobieski is having a baby?

Same goes for Jenna Elfman. She’s pregnant too. Great. Do you spend a lot of time wondering about when Jenna Elfman will get pregnant?

Like it’s not enough the social fascination with babies and birthing and parenthood, suddenly some Dlister gets knocked up and it’s news, it’s news!


It is not news.

News is the Brange producing a 7th child while sexing it up swinging Tarzan styles from the African Jungle. News is not some one hit wonder from the 90s announcing she and her husband are expecting their 1st child.

Trust me, don’t bother googling who this is. It will only disappoint you.

You will find out it’s Lisa Loeb and say to yourself – Who? oh, yeah. Her. Whatever.


Photos from Wenn.com

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