Duana says this about me all the time. When there’s a baby around, she’s instantly charmed. She notices babies. She loves babies. She thinks babies are funny and entertaining. She watches babies like it’s a tv show. But I never notice babies. Ever. And it’s not deliberate, it’s just... I don’t see them. Duana loves this. It amuses her to no end that I never notice babies but if there’s a dog around I’m instantly all over it.

My point is that when I do notice babies it’s because it’s really, really hard not to. Either they’re screaming in my face, kicking my seat, or just so f-cking cute not even I can help it.

Halle Berry’s kid has that effect. Halle Berry’s Nahla always jumps out at me when I’m scanning the photo agencies. I can’t stop looking at her. The same way I sometimes can’t stop looking at Angelina Jolie. That kind of beauty is intoxicating. Check out Halle and Nahla out and about yesterday reminding us how ordinary we are.

And then there’s Matthew McConaughey and his little Levi with long hair and a jaunty little hat. No, not even I can deny the irresistible appeal of Junior McBongo and his wide leg cut off jeans during family time in New York. I am however worried about his dad’s green hat. You know what we say about green hats. Take the green hat out of the wardrobe and burn it. Avoid the cuckold.

Photos from FZS/Splashnewsonline.com and Bauergriffinonline