Halle Berry’s favourite dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 9, 2013 18:14:14 April 9, 2013 18:14:14

Halle Berry was in Buenos Aires yesterday promoting The Call. As announced last week, Halle and Olivier Martinez are expecting. You can see her bump. And oh my God she is belly-cupping … ALREADY! … just in case you missed all the headlines about her pregnancy. As you know, I have no desire ever to get pregnant. Ever ever ever. But this might change my mind. I might just get pregnant for one reason and one only: to spend the entire pregnancy NOT belly-cupping.

Let’s focus on what really matters then, shall we?


It has to be her favourite dress. Because she’s been wearing it for 10 years. This time the dress is purple. In 2003, the year Adrien Brody sexually harassed her, it was gold. In 2005 it was silver. She also did a one shoulder at the Golden Globes that year. And this year at the Globes it was sliiiightly different but not really. See below.

At this point then, do you retire the one shoulder forever, or is it just a go-to for life?

HECTOR MATA/ Carlo Allegri/ Jason Merritt/ Lalo Yasky/ Kevin Winter/ TIMOTHY A. CLARY/ Getty

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