Should I liveblog this?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 9, 2011 14:00:20 August 9, 2011 14:00:20

We might have to liveblog this.

Duana? Sarah? Sasha?

Hallmark is airing a movie of the week about Will and Kate. A trailer for it was released a few days ago. I just got to it now. Actually, that was half an hour ago. I’ve since watched it at least 5 times. Each time it gets worse. And funnier. Like, really, really funny.

Every time the Queen puts down her newspaper, with her gloves on, I feel ... really, really happy. The kind of happiness and relief you need on a rough day. A day when every decision feels wrong and, f-ck it, you just want something dumb to laugh at.

Thank you, Hallmark.

I’m also really fond of the part where “William”, under an inordinate amount of stress, no doubt, leans his head back in the car and closes his eyes. Is there a montage that follows? I don’t know. But...I kinda want to find out for kicks.

And don’t ask me to talk about “Diana.”

I. Cannot. Go. There.

It is too much.

Is Victor Garber POOR???

Can Jennifer Garner not pay a few rounds of his mortgage, just until he finds something more... less...F-CKING CRAZY???????????????????????????????????

What is he doing in this movie???

WHY did his agent even show him this movie???

Please, walk me through the series of event which led to Victor Garber accepting this job. As PRINCE CHARLES?

Goddamn this sh-t is too good. Too good I might have to liveblog it.

Now...for those who have not had the pleasure...

Get ready. For the craziest sh-t you’ll see all day. I mean, if Will and Kate playing pool doesn’t do it for you.

Click here to see more photos, if you have any energy left.

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