Hallmark Hates Ebola!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2007 13:44:50 November 8, 2007 13:44:50

Hallmark is fighting disease!

Back in September, Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton launched a lawsuit against Hallmark taking exception to a greeting the company created alleging that they misappropriated her image and invaded her privacy. She is suing for $500,000 and a permanent ban on the card’s distribution going forward. The card in question is attached.

Hallmark has now answered back responding that will not be bullied by her black hole vagina, motioning to dismiss the suit based simply on the fact that she asked to be a cultural laughingstock, that she IS a cultural laughingstock, and that she therefore SHOULD be ridiculed as often as possible, especially on greeting cards. They have also firmly labelled her a hypocrite and a famewhore:

"Hilton has become a household name, based in large part on her efforts to draw attention to herself. Having done so, she has subjected herself to public scrutiny and the parodist"s pen. The First Amendment does not allow her to respond by welcoming the fawning and flattering, but silencing the critical and comical."

Hallmark hates Ebola! Have now decided to use only Hallmark cards for Christmas greetings! Everyone I know is getting a Hallmark card! Love Hallmark!!!


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