Look, if we were voting on this today, and just today, I feel like Prince Harry, with his Love Shield would be the unanimous winner. And, if they decide to dispense with what’s become a tradition, PEOPLE could totally name him the Sexiest Man Alive without an exclusive interview – because he’s definitely not f-cking giving one, especially not now. And if he had given one over a week ago, it’s doubtful he would have talked about his secret girlfriend and that would leave a huge gap in the story.

So in the next few posts, I’m playing our annual SMA game which is to handicap the potential candidates and come up with a prediction. Some qualifications to keep in mind:

Typically the SMA has to accept the invitation and participate in the whole rollout. Often the SMA is based on timing – who has what coming out and why it’s advantageous for his career. A majority of the past SMAs have been American. Only 7 of the 31 SMAs were born outside the USA. Two of them, Keanu Reeves and Ryan Reynolds, I’m not sure PEOPLE’s MiniVan Majority readership even knows they’re Canadian. And speaking of the MiniVan Majority, that’s who this is for. Any prediction has to pass the MiniVan Majority test.

You ready?