This is Brad Pitt in Boston today shooting Moneyball. Sooooo f-cking handsome. And he looks young. It’s the makeup, yes, although it amuses me extra a lot what so many of you bitches have been suggesting: that he was all furry last year to cover up some work. I’ve not heard anything about this. And ... is that possible? Like how do you go for a check up? Am ignorant on such matters. And still the Brangelunatics will fire down the hate. This was my favourite message from last week, sent to Jacek from Debra J:

I hate your cross eyed. Wonkey eyed wife Lainey. She is so jealous of The Ms Jolie that she cannot see straight. Does it ever occur to her that Johnny Depp is in chatecter for his role on the Tourist and that’s what the role called. He is an ACTOR remember. I am sure if they wanted him cute he would have obliged. I know your insane wife wants the tourist to fail , like she did SALT, but its not going to happen . Angelina Jolie is a real STAR.

Then she sent one to me too. It’s very similar.

Lainey the only reason I registered at your site was so I can say this to you. You are so jealous of ms Jolie that you cannot see straight. Take a good look at your jacked up wonky eye before you pass judgement on Angelina. Did Angelina tell you that this is to be an Oscar film. She already has her Oscar, so back off. Youre a B I T C H.

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Angelina Jolie and the children are in Hungary as she begins work on her directorial debut. The kids have been enrolled in a local school. Daddy’s likely en route to join soon. Hopefully he keeps shaving like he does when he’s at work.

Photos from INFphoto