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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 9, 2017 14:01:11 March 9, 2017 14:01:11

Dear Gossips,

Thank you for all your messages yesterday over email or on Twitter or Instagram about International Women’s Day and A Day Without Women. And for visiting our site during your day, whether you were striking or not.

Today for me is kind of an extension of International Women’s Day. It’s the Squawking Chicken’s birthday! Ma is and will always be the most important woman in my life. And if you asked her what feminism is, she’d ask you if you want to play mah-jong. Ma has no idea about feminism. But somehow, with no education, and after a lifetime of bullsh-t, including sexual abuse and parental neglect, somehow she raised a feminist. Three years ago when I was promoting my book about her, Listen To The Squawking Chicken, I was asked once if my ma would consider herself a feminist. 

“Ma taught me not to be quiet, to know the best and worst parts of myself, to work on the parts of myself that were lacking, and to be my own critic. She believed that if I could find that honesty, even if it hurt, I would always be able to save and protect myself and make choices that were right for me. I don’t know any other way to exist. So while she might not understand “feminism,” her encouragement is the reason I call myself a feminist.”

Sometimes it enrages me that my ma was born when she was, that she came too early, that she could have been so much more had the world been ready for her then. The same is true for so many of the women in your lives who weren’t given enough space in their time, and who will never be afforded the space they still deserve. I hope that’s one of the reasons why we extend our strides, whether it’s at a march or at our jobs, pushing forward for them and ourselves.

Here’s a shot of ma at dinner last night. She kept asking Jacek, my husband, “Am I still looks good?” And then she made me take this picture of her, but not before telling other people in the restaurant not to walk into her shot. This is who we need when Justin Timberlake’s around – the Squawking Chicken squawking at that asshole, “Get the f-ck out of my shot”.

Happy Birthday Squawking Chicken!

Yours in gossip,


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