H7’s dad took her and her brothers Cruz and Romeo to Legoland yesterday. She wore her hair like Leonardo DiCaprio, only better.

The Beckhams are apparently on summer holiday in LA I guess before school starts in England. They also went horseback riding last week. Posh did not ride in heels. She wore sandals which … is that appropriate riding footwear? A few years ago I went on a polo lesson for an assignment in Barbados with etalk and they were all over my ass about not having proper boots. Who brings boots to Barbados? Click here to see Posh on a horse.

In other Posh news, she’s now selling spectacles. They’re priced at around US$500 – ridiculous. Because not only are they ugly, already I know that they don’t work. Having worn glasses my whole life with an Asian nose, these will slip, guaranteed, unless you add pinches which, well they’re call pinchers so they’re not exactly comfortable. I’m telling you, my friend Dan Levy’s are the best. And they’re UNDER A HUNDRED DOLLARS. Click here to see Victoria’s eyewear and here for the D.L. (better) alternative.