H7 was with her dad and her brothers at the Dodgers game last night. She dressed down for the occasion in skinny jeans and a white top. Babies in skinny jeans always crack me up. Those thighs are delicious! Now that I think of it though, if her ma was there, I wonder if we would have seen her in a different outfit. We’ll get to Posh later.

H7 didn’t seem to be into what was happening on the field. So she entertained herself in a variety of ways:

-taking off her dad’s hat
-sticking her fingers in his mouth
-pinching his cheeks
-sharing her soother
-kissing him
-smiling adorably at a fan who wanted an autograph

While H7 was being the best at baseball, her mother was photographed at LAX on her way to London. She looks great in that black shirt and kilt but God I wish, I wish I could have seen this put together with oxfords, motorcycle boots, flat booties, whatever, anything but the predictable heel.