Victoria Beckham presented her new collection at NY Fashion Week on Sunday. Her entire family was in the front row to support, seated next to Anna Wintour. As you can see, H7 sat on David’s lap. And, well, she decided that would be the right time to stick her pudgy little finger up her nose and root around in there. What would have happened if she decided to reach out and smear it on Anna’s sleeve? I mean, it’s not a tantrum but it’s not exactly ideal, either.

Other than that though, at least from the photos, H7 seems reasonably well behaved there, albeit kinda bored. Still, it’s remarkable that at such a young age she performs so well at these events, non? Like the entire family, including those boys, have always come out to play for the Beckham brand. The Brange kids too. I can barely be trusted to behave on any given day. What do they say to these kids in the locker room to get them game ready?