H7 has been owning me – and you – ever since she was born. She is the best. You want to see how good she is?

H7’s mother has been working on Anna Wintour for years for a VOGUE cover. Years. And nothing. Ms Wintour has supported Victoria Beckham’s label, sure. But a cover? She’s been withholding that cover. And Posh has tried everything. She’s decreased the size of her concrete tits. She doesn’t get French manicures anymore. She even chilled out on the tanning. Still futile.

But now she has a secret weapon. It’s not even a secret weapon. It’s a universally accepted fact that H7 is irresistible. That irresistibility was put to the test this weekend as H7 sat front row with her father right beside the most powerful bitch in fashion. And what happened?

This happened:

Have you ever, EVER seen Anna Wintour smile so tenderly and benevolently?

But this kid is good. She is SO good she went in for the kill. Look. H7 is REACHING for Wintour.

Who dare reach for Wintour and escapes unscathed?

H7 might get her mother on the cover of VOGUE…perhaps on the condition that it’s both of them. Ha.

After the collection was presented – you can see the shots from the runway here – she and her parents went to eat at Balthazar where she pretty much …well… you can see in the shots below. Smiling, giggling, playing – Wintour never had a chance.