David Beckham led the Los Angeles Galaxy to an MLS championship last night in front of his wife, his parents, his sons, and his baby girl Harper Seven. It was the crowning achievement on an investment that keeps paying off.

Did you know that 600,000 jerseys were sold in his first year with the team, he was the primary reason behind an increase in ticket sales, and was the key factor in the team’s lucrative tv agreement? This is why he’s the top earner among all footballers in the world even though he plays in a league where the skill level is nowhere near that of its European counterparts. They write about this in England with a sneer. I really love that about the British.

And now, just as his contract is coming to a close, Becks claims the trophy, assisting on the winning goal, his final gift to LA before...taking off for Paris?

Word is he’s been negotiating with Paris St Germain. And while he wouldn’t elaborate on the rumours, many believe he wants to maintain his conditioning with a club in Europe so that he might be able to represent the English at the Olympics in London next summer. His vagueness during the post-game press huddle only added to the speculation:

"I might talk in past tense [about the Galaxy] but it doesn't mean I won't be back. There are a lot of options, but at the moment I am a Galaxy player. I've been a Galaxy player for the past five years. Whether I stay or not, I've had an amazing five years." (Source)

Needless to say, Victoria the “fashion designer” certainly wouldn’t mind the move.

But last night she played the part of cheerleader, keeping an eye on H7 in the private box while her boys celebrated the victory with dad. Even I can’t deny how delicious that baby’s cheeks are.

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