When she goes out with her ma, H7 is straight up fashion girl -- mostly dresses, mega shoe steeze, and always a great coat. If she’s going out with her dad though, H7 pulls out the active wear. Check her out today on a walk with David Beckham. Those chunk thighs are wrapped up in leggings under a warm red sport coat and matching kicks. Father daughter colour coordination.

Also, dad seems to prefer H7 on her own feet more than her ma. Then again, that might not be fair. Dad has time for leisurely strolls. When we see her with her ma, they’re always rushing into a hotel or a shoppe, and Posh doesn’t have the time to let her down, all baby wobbles.

Is H7 a talking walker? I’m Photo Assuming some babbling going on here. This child is TOO MUCH. Like Tom Hardy’s puppy.