Look at Kirk Douglas. He is old. He his hobbled from a stroke. But he is rich. And so on Thanksgiving, he took his own rich ass out and volunteered at the Los Angeles Mission. Am not versed on Old Hollywood smut, am sure he has his skeletons but still…

You’d think more of the spry ones could pretend to give a sh*t about those less fortunate.

And in case you’re wondering, Lindsay Lohan and that exploitative bitch that birthed spent their time shopping yesterday.

Speaking of bitches… Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford were also on hand for turkey duty. Mr Ford is a grumpy f&ck but still a sexy beast, yes?

Finally, in the spirit of giving back – to those of you in Vancouver, Friday November 30th is our Casual Day for Covenant House. Go casual and support 30 days and 30 nights of assisted living for homeless and at-risk youth trying to survive on our city streets. They are running from unspeakable abuse, they are vulnerable to the predators downtown, it is freezing, and they are hurting and we provide the shelter, support, understanding, and love that they need.

Click here for more information www.covenanthousebc.org/news/casual_day07.html

Thank you for your generosity.

Photos from WENN