With his earring and his super styled hair, Harrison Ford is kind of making my life right now. Ford arrived at the AFI event to honour Mike Nichols last night in LA with Calista Flockhart. It’s been 8 years for these two. And now supposedly engaged. Did you know they’re second on the list of top earning couples in Hollywood behind only Beysus and Jay-Z and ahead of the Brange? Most of it comes from Indiana Jones. But still, Flockhart’s per episode rate on Brothers & Sisters is probably enormous. At least her attitude reflects it. This broad is HIGH maintenance. I mean, she works with Sally Field. And Sally Field is the ultimate professional and behaves like an intern, willing, enthusiastic, gracious. Flockhart? She’s not easy, not at all. Which could be why she and prickly Ford get along so well.

As for prickly Ford, he seems to be channelling some of that in his upcoming film Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton. The trailer was recently released, looks so good, I love it. Ford seems to be at his best, Rachel seems like she’s matching him scene for scene. And given the movie’s November opening, there are some high hopes for it during the holidays with broad appeal. I believe it. And I can’t wait to see it. From a fan perspective and from a television production perspective, that behind-the-scenes business is the best sh-t ever.

Photos from Wenn.com