So I was discharged on Monday morning, we dashed to a random salon to get my hair shampooed because it was rank and stank from sickness, then over to the Carlton for the Indiana Jones junket. Unfortunately Shia had already left as he was on a tight sched but the publicists accommodated my pathetic arm and shuttled me through for Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett. I was to be their final appointments. Those interviews will air today on

He was seated when I walked in, signing a glossy Indiana Jones photograph. When he saw my arm, he drawled, in that dull signature way of his:

So you clipped your wing, did you?

I didn’t know what to say so the only thing that ended up squeaking out was a very chirpy: I clipped my wing!

F*cking lame.

He was wearing a dark suit and makeup. A very handsome man. Harrison Ford is still very much Hans Solo. Oh and as for how the movie is… it’s good. Not great, but good enough. You will not hate.

The reception he received the night before at the palais was insane. Jim Broadbent told me Harrison became quite emotional. I asked him about it and he was still very sentimental about the experience and then to tell you the truth, I can’t remember much else because I became fixated on his earrings. Laura thinks they’re ridiculous for a man his age. I disagreed until I saw him later on ambling down the hall. He walks like Nicole Kidman, you know? Like how old people do: leaning forward, almost head first, arms behind. My dad started walking this way a few years ago. My dad is younger than Harrison Ford.

Still… Harrison Ford is a legend. And this is what the gig is all about. You get through the sh-ts like Ashlee Simpson (who the f-ck cares???) to get to the big ones. There’s not much bigger than Harrison Solo Indiana Jones.

Photos from Wenn