Like the guy who brings a stick of butter to nuclear weapon fight, Harry Connick Jr. is now trying to throw down with Mariah Carey and failing hard. In case you missed it, the backstory is that Mariah was on Hot 97 the other day and said that working on Idol was “hell”, which is very believable and the most interesting thing anyone who works for American Idol has said since 1962. Well now Harry, one of the new Idol judges, is responding.

Last night, HCJ tweeted:

hey @MariahCarey - must've been hard to judge in hell... @AmericanIdol XIII is heaven! @JLo @KeithUrban @RyanSeacrest @YO_RANDYJACKSON

And isn’t that just embarrassing for him? The good news is that it provided an opportunity for Mariah to totally not give a f*ck. How did she respond to Harry’s obvious blog baiting move? Naturally, she didn’t, and instead went to a party where gay people could cheer for her.

Last night Mimi presented an award to Lee Daniels at the Out 100 gala, the annual list of important LGBT people and their friends. She dressed like a dominatrix mermaid and made this joke.

Another thing she did instead of responding to Harry Connick Jr. was retweet this video of a flamboyant holiday weirdo dancing to her All I Want For Christmas is You in Rockefeller Plaza.

The thing about Harry Connick Jr. is that it’s always surprising that he’s still around. Like when he became Grace Adler’s husband, weren’t you kind of like “oh…ok…that works. I guess Robert Downey Jr. was busy?” And we’re never mad at Harry Connick Jr. for continuing to stay relevant, but it’s always by the skin of his teeth and it certainly doesn’t mean he gets to talk to Mimi. Harry tweeting at her is somehow even more desperate than when you catch your friend tweeting at a celebrity. Know your role and slow your roll, Harry Connick Jr.