Some stories are meant to be saved for a Friday...

On 11.11.11 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be available on DVD. The 4 disc Blu-ray version comes with several extra, extra special features including a 48 minute documentary with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from production. A trailer for the documentary is being passed around online in advance of the release date. How much do you love Gary Oldman? You know why this won’t suck? Because they included footage of Gary Oldman saying that it might suck. Also, as we know, nothing associated with this franchise sucks. Remember, there is a standard of excellence at work here, remember? Obviously, yes, I cried.

Two videos are attached:

The trailer for the documentary and then footage of Draco in the Room of Requirement trying to avoid getting burned and don’t forget, in just 5 months, Leavesden Studios will open for official Harry Potter touring. The first tickets for people who pre-booked are being delivered now. Are you going? Click here to see. I’ve been to Leavesden several times to interview the cast in Dumbledore’s Office, in the Great Hall, surrounded by Umbridge’s cat places, in front of a fireplace on the Floo Network, and walked passed so many rooms that were off-limits, and I PROMISE YOU, if you are a hardcore Harry fan, this is worth your time. Besides, it’s a trip to London. Come on.