… but judging from your emails after Equus, definitely for some of you. Thing is, he’s like a son to me. Or at least a much younger brother. After reading Harry and then watching Harry, especially in the latest film, watching him grow, feeling ridiculously proud of his maturity, it’s hard to picture anything but a hug. And having stood next to him in person, all 5 ft 4 of him, I’m sorry, I’m a heightist…I can’t go there.

Still…that’s just me. He will be legal in two weeks so I suppose you can if you fancy?

And if you liked the nudie shots after his stage production, you’ll no doubt find something to quiver over in these from the new Details – Daniel Radcliffe manning up (or trying to at least) and eager to let go of Harry:

“Yeah, the only kid in the world who doesn’t want an eighth Harry Potter book.”

On dating, Daniel addresses his newfound tabloid status:

“All it takes is for me to be seen chatting up a girl for them to, you know, make up some crappy headline about me being a sex rat or whatever they call it.”

But although most of the women he meets are in the business, Daniel says:

“I think it would be very hard to go out with an actress, because they’re mad. Some actresses are just insane. I’ve never worked with a nasty actress—they’re all absolutely delightful. But completely barking.”


Am a shameless anglophile wanting desperately to be British – love it when they talk like that.

Click here for more Dan – a video about his Details appearance.

Only 10 more days. 10 days til the Deathly Hallows.

And don’t hate but I do hope she kills him as the ultimate heroic sacrifice if only so that in a hundred years, some hack can’t come along and write the f*cking “prequel”.

Will be lining up before midnight a week Friday. See you there?