He was close to getting booted from the Freebie Five. But Harry, on a horse or not on a horse, is simply too hot to go.

With girlfriend Chelsy at the weekend, enjoying a cricket match and some PDA. Please just look at the way he’s nuzzling her shoulder. And his lanky body. And the sexy way he holds his lanky body. And especially the way he’s biting his lower lip.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see him biting that lower lip in your bedroom.And don"t tell me Harry biting that lower lip isn"t hella more quivering than William and his massive beaver bucks.

A night with Harry just before six months of Army Duty?  I so would. Come to think of it, I so would when he comes back too.

Dirty, yes. But also justification for why Cougar Rape belongs on the Freebie Five.