They’re from before the weekend but by all accounts, Lindsay and Harry are still an item – not only sleeping together but apparently eating, smoking, toking, and drinking together too. Shocking, non? Now while I’m fully supportive of the Firecrotch spreading her vaginal flames as far and as wide as possible, I’m rather concerned about the kind of effect this overusage can have on her long term physical prospects. Excuse the crass – and avert your eyes if you fall under prude – but my girl Duana calls it “ridden hard and put away wet” and… well… I think that pretty much sums it up. Lilo is more her mother’s sister than she is her child and more street urchin looking for mischief than redhead A list superstar with a raging libido. I worry for my girl, y’all. We’ve already lost Britney and I don’t think I could bear losing another one before 25. So can we hope Harry sticks around? Just til the end of the summer?