Jesus Lainey, pull yourself together.

I came off the plane last night and a hundred emails told me that the new Harry Potter 7B trailer was finally online. First we had to drop off our sh-t, then it was to the hospital to see my ma, then our goddamn laptops wouldn’t play, and it was already after 1am, so I had to wait until this morning, which is why I had one of those sleeps, you know?, when it’s not fully sleep because you’re waiting to see something you want to see so badly? Giant nerd here...

Oh but it was worth it. Of course it was worth it. This is the franchise imbued with the standard of excellence inspired by its creator, remember?

There is new footage. There is SO MUCH action. The effects look incredible. And Harry, shouting accusingly at Snape, and Snape just...taking it, determinedly, because a hero doesn’t have to be loved, he just has to do the right thing.

Snape! Sob!

After this, It All Ends. Are you ready?

PS. Molly’s face is a fist pumper moment for sure.

Attached – Entertainment Weekly unveiled a new poster for the movie. Also, I love it when McGonagall kicks ass. See more here.